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Lip Balms and Glosses May Boost Skin Cancer Risks - Clear, shiny glosses can be worse for your lips than no lip protection at all, according to a dermatologist at Baylor University Medical Center. (Link opens in new window.) Try our Colorescience SPF35 Lipshine instead! (Link opens in new window.)

Holiday Genie Looks by Michael McCarthy, Colorescience Makeup Artist - A great, printable flyer of eye looks for the holidays or any time. (Link opens in new window.)

For Men: What's the best way to go about shaving? - Protect your face while getting the closest shave possible with these instructions from Issimo, maker of Guy Gear skincare for men.

Sunscreen in Sea Water May Harm Coral - This article in the New York Times describes a study published in April 2008 that reports tons of chemicals used to block UV rays in sunscreen result in bleaching of the coral reefs. (Link opens in new window.) Our Colorescience SPF30 sunscreens use minerals, not chemicals, so they're better for you and the environment.

Mineral Magic - Colorescience's Diane Ranger explains how your medical spa—and your clients—can benefit from mineral makeup. (Link opens in new window.)

Cleansing Guidelines - Cleanser then toner, or toner then cleanser? Find out the answer to what you should do when.

Make-up Expiration Guidelines - Still have eyeshadow from high school and your reunion is approaching? Nicole tells you how long you should keep your make-up (hint: ten years is too long).

Guide to Hair Removal - The benefits and drawbacks of Electrolysis, Laser hair removal, and waxing.

The Benefits of a Facial - What to expect when you get a facial and some of the benefits of facial treatments.

Put Your Best Brow Forward - Tips for tweezing, shaping, and grooming your brows.

CASE STUDY: The Colore Prescription - By Dr. Zein E. Obagi, M.D. (Note: PDF file.)


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