Treat Your Kid’s Stanky Feet

Stinky kid's shoesKids’ stanky feet about knock you out?¬†Those nasty feet that about take your breath away come from sweat, bacteria and fungus!

What to do with kids with stanky feet?

So here are some tips to help with those issues:

  • Spray your kids shoes with Lysol
  • Let shoes completely air out everyday – rotate your shoes everyday to allow shoes to completely dry between uses (this goes for adults as well)
  • Use Dr. Canuso’s Daily Exfoliating Cleanser (details below)
  • Extra Dry Wicking Cotton Socks
  • Every couple of days use bleach in the bath tub and rinse it out to kill the fungus
  • Use bleach when you wash socks

Dr. Canuso Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

Dr. Canuso’s Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliate, Cleanse and Deodorize

Organic beeswax microbeads remove impurities and odors while scrubbing away dry skin, leaving your feet feeling clean and silky smooth.

  • Cleanse, deodorize and exfoliate your feet
  • Antibacterial, antifungal cleanser
  • Use daily in the shower and combine with foot repair system for best results
  • This is safe to use on children

Price $29.95


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