Sharing From My Heart with Heather Marshall

Today I’m sharing from another writing class that I took with Heather Marshall. We picked pictures and then used those to tell a story based on the varied colors, senses and feelings the picture evoked. These are the two stories that I wrote that day. This class was held at Greenville Yoga.

11 12 foggy forest by michael crossI come from this place of haunting struggle so deep that no sun could shine through. The darkness has taken over my spirit. Just as the forest is barren in the winter so is my heart but the sun is starting to peak through. As the limbs sprout new growth and flowering buds so does my heart. The rough darkness is coming to pass and exciting beauty is springing forth.

I fear the loneliness that sometimes grips my soul and drags me into the darkness.  I fear letting go that which has protected my heart.

The sound of the wolves crying off in the distance reminds me of the pain I once survived. I fear that which is unknown.

I dream of a day when the cleansing rain washes the stench of disappointment and hurt from my soul. In the wake of the soothing rain, joy and happiness radiate from me the color of golden sunshine where the darkness no longer has a place to hide.

Come with me…..

Come with me to my forest to feel the healing powers of the Earth. To feel the soft covered ground of leaves under your feet. Hear the birds singing their happiness, hear the howl of my friend the wolf. The music of the forest is all around to heal your soul and to grant you access to this new life.

This is the my second story from that day:

11 12 ragged cliffs of scotlandThe sound of the crashing waves on the ragged cliffs of Scotland brings tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. I breathe in the smell of salty water and taste the salt in the air as the sea meets me at the cliffs edge. My horse stumbles over the jagged rocks as I take in the beauty of my ancestral home. I can hear the bagpipes and drums. I can feel my family from long ago all around me.

I’m always amazed at what I write when I take these classes. Heather makes it easy to pour your soul out onto paper with her prompts and writing ideas.

You can see the writings from other classes I have taken with Heather. This one is from one of my ladies lunch and learns. Another writing is here, when Heather visited my women’s networking group.

Heather Marshall is a local author, writing coach, and yoga instructor. You can also visit her website to learn more about her. I love learning from Heather. I hope you have a chance to take one of her classes too. Until next time, Nicole


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