Skincare Cheat Sheet

A clean face is important first stepCleansing your skin is very important! Check with your Esthetician to be sure that you are using the proper products for your particular skin type. Some products may be doing more harm than good. Be sure to let each product dry before applying the next.


  1. Cleanse your skin in the morning. Keep a cleanser in the shower so it’s handy.
  2. If your skincare line includes a toner, then use the appropriate toner for your skin type. This will help remove any cleanser residue or makeup that was not removed and balance the pH of your skin. Toner also preps your skin for better absorption of treatment products.
  3. Apply a lighter moisturizer for daytime. All skin types, even oily, need a moisturizer. You may have an abundance of oil but that does not mean that your skin is getting enough moisture. There is a difference! To apply: Apply a small amount to your finger tips, blend it until it is like melted butter, tap on face and then smooth out to the sides and down the neck towards the heart.
  4. If your makeup does not have a sunscreen or you are not using a Mineral Makeup then apply a SPF30, or at least a SPF15 in the winter. The sun is the biggest aging culprit! It is very important to protect your skin year round!
  5. If you have any eye cream that you like to use then you can apply it in the morning as well as the evening. If your makeup line has an eye serum you could use that instead of or in addition to the eye cream. To apply: Apply a small amount of eye cream to your 2nd & 3rd fingers, blend until it is like melted butter, tap under eye area, to the sides and on the lid. You should not rub this area as it is very delicate.


  1. When you come home from school, work, or as soon as you can, cleanse your skin. This is particularly important if you are having breakouts. Always cleanse with lukewarm water.
  2. Use your appropriate toner again.
  3. Apply a heavier night moisturizer. Follow the application tips in Step 3, above.
  4. Apply your eye cream. Follow the application tips in Step 5, above.

For Morning or Evening:

Use an exfoliating scrub 1-2 times per week if not using a daily acid serum. This can be done in the shower or at night. Avoid facial scrubs with nut shells as these do not have a uniform shape and can cause microscopic tears to the skin.

If you are using additional products and are not sure when to use what, always call your Esthetician. Remember to use exfoliating agents like glycolic or salicylic before other treatment items. Then clearer and lighter goes before darker and heavier.

Want these guidelines in a printable format you can take with you? (Along with makeup expiration guidelines, at-home face treatments, and even more tips?) Download our Skincare Cheat Sheet. (Opens in a new window. Requires Adobe Acrobat to view.)


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