October 2013 Newsletter

Nicole and Liz from Greenville YogaWow we had such an amazing September! We had so much to say last month that I promised to keep it short and sweet this month.

Mark your calenders for this year’s Holiday Open House Fiesta! Thursday, November 21, 2013 – more details to come in the November Newsletter.

In case you missed it, we launched our awesome new website – www.RaspberryMoonST.com. I love it! We are still working on a few things. If you see anything that is not right or think we should add please let me know. Feel free to click on the Yelp button and the Google+ link and write a review. I would greatly appreciate it!

You will notice that our newsletter has a new look too and you will be able to easily share on Facebook or with your friends. Thanks for helping me spread the word.

Recap of our Month of Forgiveness

THANK YOU to everyone that participated in our Forgiveness Events.  Greenville Yoga and I are happy to announce that we raised $4,000 for The Julie Valentine Center along with a nice goody box of their wish list items and we donated $500 to The Forgiveness Project.

If you were able to attend The F-Word Exhibit you will remember Phyllis Rodriguez and Aicha el-Wafi. These two mothers gave a TED talk that I’ve included below:

Response to Write Your Way to Forgiveness with Heather Marshall

The forgiveness writing class taught by Heather Marshall was very helpful. Her 5 step process was easy to follow and really made sense.  My friend Angela with Accidentally Angela wrote two great blog posts about the class. Since there’s no need for me to recreate the wheel, check out what she said:

Part one: http://www.accidentallyangela.com/practice-forgiveness/

Part two: http://www.accidentallyangela.com/i-am/

I’ve learned a lot through these classes and Liz’s “Forgiveness through Yoga” class. I’m reading several books that I will be sharing later through blog posts.

Liz told us about one of her friends that said, “I want to listen to the whispers of the universe so it doesn’t scream at me.” This really hit home for me. I feel like I have to get knocked across the head sometimes to “get it”.

Further reading from The Final Gift documentary filmmaker

The Coffee Shop GodAt 35 Therese has finally found herself – the long awaited college degree, the high school teaching job, the new husband, two nearly grown children, and four stepchildren. For once, she anticipates a normal life, but a middle of the night phone call changes all of that. Her younger brother, while out of town on business, is shot and killed. Steve’s death sends her life into a tailspin of grief and a crippling depression. She becomes the glue that holds her eccentric family together.

This collection of essays, set in North Carolina, follows Therese as she comes to terms with the untimely and violent death of her brother. Never have the shortcomings of her family been more apparent. Steve had been the balance to it all; he had been the “normal one”, and now Therese is left with the mother who always has a joke, the father who can’t show affection, the ex-drug dealing brother who now is an evangelical Christian and the talking bird she inherits from her brother.


The Coffee Shop God written by Therese Bartholomew is available at the shop for $12.

Dining For Women and The Forgiveness Project

Dining For Women is a charity started here in Greenville, SC by a friend, Marsha Wallace. Their charity for this month is Foundation Rwanda. One of the panels from The Forgiveness Project was about Rwanda – An organization that was started after the 1994 Genocide called SURF. SURF also works with Foundation Rwanda and I thought the coincidence was enough that I should share the great work that was started here locally and has expanded internationally. I went to my first dinner meeting this past Friday and it was really interesting. I had a great time and met some very nice ladies. If you feel inclined to support any of these great organizations, I’m sure they would appreciate it.

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Need a Sunday appointment? Slots are filling quickly!

Here are the Sunday dates I will be working through the rest of 2013:

  • October 6th and 27th
  • November 10th and 22nd
  • December 8th, 22nd, and possibly the 29th.

I will be in PA from Monday, December 23 to Thursday, December 26th – returning to work Friday, December 27th.

Please be advised, there are 13 weeks left between now and Christmas. I know, I know, but I am just saying…plan accordingly.


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