Musings from Raspberry Moon – May 2014 Newsletter

Celebrating Mothers Around the World

May is the time of flowers and new life. It also a time to celebrate your Mom. Women are amazing creatures that bring forth new life. It is pretty awesome how the female body works and what all we as women can do.

Whether you have a strong bond with your Mom or maybe are learning to have a new relationship remember that her life drastically changed with your arrival. Good or bad, we must all remember to appreciate the life that was given to us. And to thank our Mom for making that happen.

For some, Mom has a different meaning, perhaps it is not the woman that gave you life but the woman that loved you and raised you. We all have journeys. Some seem easier than others, but your “Mom” is there to help you navigate life, to be your supporter, to pick you up when you get knocked down, to celebrate the wins and rejoice in new beginnings. Being a Mom is hard work, mistakes will be made and challenges will arise but with any important job things will have their ups and downs.Nicole Martin

So whether your Mom is the woman that gave you life or the woman who became your Mom, they raised, cared for, and loved you. Show them your appreciation and support – not just on Mother’s Day but all year long.

I saw this posted on Facebook and I thought I would share in case you didn’t see it!




The Awesomeness of My Own Mom and Our Contest Winner

How awesome is your mom?I thought it was only fair to write my own piece of why my Mom is awesome.

My Mom was very young when she had me, just 3 months after she turned 17. She put her life on hold so that she could stay home and raise us three kids. She didn’t start college until I was in 10th grade! She graduated with a Master’s Degree in Education the same day my baby brother graduated from High School in 1997. She missed her own graduation so she could see my brother walk down the aisle.

Just like most families, my Mom and I have our challenges, but as we grow wiser and our life changes, so does our relationship. She doesn’t understand me at times and I’m sure I drive her crazy, but she tries to be patient and supportive.  (We all know how challenging I can be! lol)

My Mom is very generous and is always willing to help.  Over the last 3 years, she and I have become much closer. We understand each other better and no matter what happens I know we are there for each other.

I am so proud of my Mom and the woman that she is. Thank you, Mom – Love you!

Awesome Mom Dana EllenburgAnd Our Most Awesome Mom is…. Dana Ellenburg‎!

Katie Ellenburg wrote a wonderfully moving tribute to her mom, Dana. As Katie said, “She works so hard every day and has been through so much that she deserves a day to remember that life is beautiful and people are kind and generous, and it is something that me and my entire family would love to give her for being such an amazing women and friend.

Thank you for your entry, Katie, and I can’t wait to give your mom her most deserving day of pampering!

Read Katie’s full essay about her mom on our Facebook page.


Mother’s Day Around the World

Ever wonder what other people around the world do to celebrate their Moms? I picked 2 places to tell you about just because I thought they were interesting. I am going to let the links below speak for themselves.

I liked this one because it fell on Spring Equinox.

Middle East (Various): Mother’s Day/Vernal Equinox, March 21

Egyptian journalist Mustafa Amin introduced the idea of a Mother’s Day to his home country, and it quickly spread throughout much of the region. Inspired by a story of a thankless widow ignored by an ungrateful son, Amin and his brother Ali successfully proposed a day in Egypt to honor all mothers. They decided the first day of spring, March 21, was most appropriate to celebrate the ultimate givers of life. It was first celebrated in Egypt in 1956, and is still observed throughout the region from Bahrain to the United Arab Emirates to Iraq.

Bolivia: Mother’s Day, May 27

MADRE: Project Bolivia

Source: MADRE

During its struggle for independence from Spain in the early 19th century, Bolivia saw many of its fathers, sons, and husbands injured and killed on the battlefields. One group of women from Cochabamba refused to stand idly by; on May 27, they banded together to fight the Spanish Army on Coronilla Hill. Though hundreds died in battle, the legacy of their contributions lives on thanks to a national law passed in the 1920s making the day on which the “Heroines of Coronilla” took to the streets national Mother’s Day.

Wow – I liked this. Sad that it was because of women dying but uplifting from that the women were taking a stand and doing their part for their path for freedom.

Check out these links for some great info!


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May is Melanoma Awareness Month!

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Detox Diet Plan

10-Day Detox DietI finally got all my ducks in a row for the Detox Diet. I did my blood work and was ready to start last week. And instead a super nasty cold/flu bug decided to bite me! I was down for 2 days and still trying to recoup.

Hope to start on Tues, May 13! Fingers crossed. Everything I read said it is important to prep for several days’ meals, so that you’re able to stay on track and not just grab something quick because you’re tired or hungry.

So here’s hoping all goes well to start on the 13th.


Sunday Appointments, and Waxing Season is Upon Us

I will be closed June 25th-29th – Mom is in town

I am working the week of July 4th BUT remember it is waxing season and appointments fill up quickly so if you want to be in shape for the beach or lake make your appointments ASAP for the best times.

My Sunday appointments the next few months are May 4th and 18th, and June 1st and 22nd.



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