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Books We Love – When we really enjoy a book we want to share it! Be it about diet, wellness, business, or Chinese Face Mapping. Or Elephants. What can we say? Our choice of reading material is eclectic.

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Skincare Cheat Sheet – Serums + Creams + Cleansers + Toners = Confusion. Eye cream?? In what order do you apply this stuff and how often? We spell it out in our Skincare Cheat Sheet.

Skincare and Makeup Expiration Guidelines – Your lipstick is how old? When should you toss stuff? Here’s our guide to what’s still good, and what needs to be trashed ASAP!

Our Favorite Local Businesses – Shopping local is super important. More money stays in your community if you shop at a local store rather than a chain or online. See who we love and recommend in Greenville, SC, and the Upstate.


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