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March Newsletter, part 2
In This Issue:
:: Purchase a Pashmina Scarf and put a child through school for a month!
:: The Pros and Cons of a new Health Magazine article
:: House for Sale
:: Here, There, and Back Again
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We had amazing response to our first March newsletter about the causes of suicide, how to help friends who are considering suicide, and how to help those left behind.

We had other info we wanted to share, but didn't want to detract from the importance of that subject. So we're sending out a second newsletter this month with some other news. If you'd like to purchase a scarf in the fundraiser below, I need to know by the end of March.

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Purchase a Pashmina Scarf and put a child through school for a month!

We have an exciting chance to help children get an education and in return get a beautiful Pashmina Scarf. My friend Becky has moved to Thailand for her husband's work. This is a fabulous experience for them!

She has felt that she is being called to work with orphaned children. She will be volunteering at Mercy Center in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is just a basic overview of what the Mercy Center is doing in Bangkok to help slum children and the community in general. They have a desire to end the cycle of poverty and abuse and they believe if they can get the children off the street and into school, they will slowly but surely accomplish this! The Mercy Center also supports HIV/AIDS Awareness and In Home Care for AIDS Patients. http://www.mercycentre.org/

Becky came up with a fabulous idea to raise money for the kids. She will be in Greenville in April and she will be bringing Pashmina scarves with her! If you preorder your scarves they are only $15 and you can choose your color. Well, you can say a color and she will do the best she can. It always just depends on what the market has. I will have a few in the shop and they will be $20.

Pashmina Scarves fundraiser to send Thai children to school

$10 from every scarf will send a child to school for a month, including uniforms, supplies, and food while at school! How awesome is that?

This is one of the beautiful scarves. If you would like a scarf (or scarves as they make great gifts), please have me your order and preferably your payment by March 30th. We will only be accepting cash or check for these items. Thank you so much for your help!

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The Pros and Cons of a New Health Magazine Article

For those of you that have been with me for a while, you know that every once in a while some article will totally get me riled up. A few years ago it was the "Killer Bikini Wax"! That article still bugs me.

So the other day a client, who is also in the beauty industry, said that she was reading this article in Health Magazine (March 2013) - "Skin Docs Reveal All - Anti-Aging secrets they only tell their best friends - until now."

The article did have a few good points and things that I actually agree with, like:

  • Your practitioner/doctor should always address your issues, not what they think is "wrong" with your skin.
  • Use Retinols at night to deal with spots, sagging skin, and lines. This doesn't mean Retin-A exactly. Just some form of Retinol or fabulous exfoliating agent. This should be used at night in the form of a serum and/or cream. Now I recommend that you start out using a retinol or AHA every other night to start with and then work up to every night. If you already do this then you might want to add a heavier layer every couple of months for an extra exfoliation. This will probably create some serious peeling and should not be done unless you have already acclimated your skin in to the use of acids. Be prepared to peel and to stay out of the sun and heat.
  • They use Clarisonic Facial Brushes! Yeah - I am glad this is something we agree upon. They really are awesome and do a fabulous job. If this is not in your beauty arsenal, it should be. They clean the skin 6x better than manual cleansing.
  • Coconut oil is great for the skin.
  • Use a teaspoon amount of Epsom salts and some bath gel to use as an exfoliator.
  • "To get a glow, have an O" - causes a rush of good hormones and better circulation.

Then there are the things that drive me crazy. It would be nice to read articles where dermatologists actually have something nice to say about what we Skin Care Professionals do. I am not bashing what derms do. I refer to them all the time for skin diseases, but really for certain instances we are actually a better option. We have the time to take with clients that derms just don't have. So their two big "Don't Bother With" suggestions were bypass monthly facials and don't use powder makeup. I don't agree with either of these.

I recommend monthly facials, not just because I do them but because it truly makes a difference. I get monthly facials. I can usually tell when it is time to get a treatment. I agree that you can do a version of a facial at home and last month I gave you some great homemade mask ideas. But if you have ever had one of my facials, then you would know how much massage I do that you just can't do yourself. And what I do is not just about helping you look and feel younger, it is about helping you relax, to re-energize. It is about having some time to yourself. I have asked several of my clients what they think their skin would look like if they did not get monthly facials. Their response was overwhelmingly in favor of monthly facials. Yes, I know obviously they love monthly facials but when friends tell you how great your skin looks then I think that says something.

Have a good at home skin routineThat being said, what you do on a daily basis is more important. If you are using some kind of random products or not using anything, then your first priority should be to get in a routine with a proper skincare line. This is what we as Skin Care Professionals do. If having a facial fits into your budget, then that is awesome. I have people that come once a month, every other month, once a quarter and some only once a year. I am glad for whatever works for you. If you can't do monthly professional facials then it is even more important that you do your own at home. If you need some ideas check out last month's newsletter.

As far as the powder is concerned, I agree--if you are using a powder that is too thick or heavy. It really depends though on how you apply and what type of powder. My suggestion is to play around with your makeup and apply with different applicators.

Am I right about the importance of facials? Come have a facial and see for yourself!

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House for Sale!House for Sale

I am looking to move to Greenville, so I need to sell my house in Fountain Inn. Below is a link with all the information.

If you can help spread the word I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Great house for the money!

If you love trees and landscaping this is the right house for you.

Quiet Neighborhood and Nice Neighbors. Realtors Welcome.

  • Qualifies for 100% USDA Rural Financing
  • New roof installed 2011
  • Fully landscaped front yard with mature plantings
  • Backyard has patio, fire pit, hammock, and garden shed
  • No carpeting - laminate in living room, dining room, hallway and master bedroom; ceramic tile in bed rooms, parquet in kitchen and vinyl tile in bathrooms - great for reducing allergens!
  • ALL Appliances Stay - GE Front Loading Washer and Dryer, Dish Washer, Stove and Refrigerator.
  • ALL Window Treatments, Shower Curtains, Carpet/Rugs in Bedrooms and Light Fixtures Stay.
  • Recently Painted
  • 1 Car Garage with Opener
  • One year home warranty included

JUST A REMINDER - This is a For Sale by Owner House - Real Estate Agents, please do not contact me in regards to selling this house or other spam emails. I will happily work with a Buyers Agent.


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Here, There, and Back Again

If for any reason you are unable to make your appointment please call me 24 hours in advance so I may offer another client your time. Take a minute to add me to your phone - 864-271-2710, then I will always be at your fingertips!

Remember this is NOT my texting number. If you would prefer to text me just let me know and I will be happy to give you my cell number.

Looks like I will be here the whole month of March!

Reminder this month I am working Sundays, March 10th and 24th and Mondays the 11th and 25th.

In April I'll be working Sundays the 7th and 21st, and Mondays the 8th and 22nd.


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