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September/October Newsletter
In This Issue:
:: The Game On Diet Rules
:: How to keep SCORE!
:: The Fine Print
:: Instant Gift Certificates on our Website
:: Here, There, and Back Again
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So I know September is almost over (can you believe it?), but I guess this is my new schedule for newsletters!?

The Game On DietI saw an invite a few weeks ago that a friend of mine was attending Kick Your Friend's Butt. So I was curious as to what she was doing. They are playing a game called The Game On Diet. It sounded interesting and heaven knows I need to stop eating the crap I have been eating recently and don't seem to have the motivation to stop. So I decided to see what the book was all about. I think it sounds like a lot of fun!

So I am going to give you the basic layout, but you really should order the book so you know how the game works better. On my blog, SaucyChica.com, there will be a post about the game and people who are playing are welcome to post comments, leave feedback, pick on your team mates (but in a healthy kind of way, not mean!).

This game is all about getting healthy - so whether it's losing weight, getting rid of bad habits or trying to stay on track you can play this game.

If you don't have weight to lose but you have another big goal, you can use the goal for your "weight loss" points and follow the game the same as everyone else.

The game will be played from October 13th to Nov 10!

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The Game On Diet Rules

Let's get fit together!So here are the basics:

  • Form at least 2 teams, and each team should be 2 or more players. It's better to keep the players to 2-4 per team. If the team gets too big people lose the sense of ownership. ("Well if I don't make points, so and so will.)"
  • Each Team has a designated Scorekeeper.
  • There's a prize - Our Prize will be that each team chips in $40 and the team that wins gets the "pot"!
  • You must fill out a score sheet every day. These were not available on line but another team was nice enough to send me their spreadsheet. Theirs is for 9 weeks but we will just be playing for 4 weeks. You can find it on my website.
  • Each week you send your score keeper your totals. - This is due on Thursday every week by noon!
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How to keep SCORE!

A perfect day is 100 points. It includes: Eat your veggies during the challenge

  • 30 Meal Points: You earn 6 points per meal for eating 5 fully sanctioned meals. No snacks between meals. Chapter 8, Page 86, has the foods you are not allowed to eat and pages 89-90 have the foods you can eat or here is a link for you of the good foods, it might be good to print out and keep with you and post on your fridge! Chapter 14 talks about coffee and soda and what you should and shouldn't eat.
  • 20 Exercise Points: You earn your exercise points by doing some form of exercise for 20 mins per day. - Chapter 9
  • 10 Water Points: You earn your water points by drinking 100 oz (3 Liters) per day. (Holy Smokes - I have a hard time getting 64 oz in and I have to pee constantly!) - Chapter 10
  • 15 Sleep Points: You earn you points by getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night. - Chapter 11
  • 20 Transformation Points: You earn 10 points a day for practicing your Healthy Habit and 10 points a day for eliminating an Unhealthy Habit. Oh yeah and if you switch your Unhealthy Habit during the game you lose 50 points! Chapters 12 & 13
  • 5 Communication Points: You earn you communication points by being in contact with at least 1 teammate and at least 1 opponent every day. (Phone calls, email, and text messages count)

Exceptions: Each week you get 1 meal off in addition to 1 day off. The meal off and day off may be taken at any time. If you don't want to take 1 whole day off you can spread it throughout the week. So maybe Monday you don't drink all your water, Tuesday you take a break on your habits, etc. You get the idea right?! - Chapter 15

Bonus Points: You get 10 extra points if you turn in your scores to your team keeper by noon each Thursday. Plus, if you lose 1% of your body weight every week you get a bonus equaling 20% of your points earned for the week.

Penalties: You will lose 10 Points if you snack between meals. You can lose 20 Points if you compromise on integrity and basically cheat, i.e., you tell an opponent "if you have a snack and I have a snack then it balances out" kind of thing.

There is a 25 Point loss PER PORTION of alcohol consumed. You get 6 oz of wine, 12 oz of beer or 1.5 oz of liquor if it is your meal off and they can be consumed freely on your day off (though be reasonable!). If a player fails to earn their weight-loss/fitness bonus, they forfeit their alcohol privileges for the rest of the game!!

Also, you can't save up or double up things. Meaning you can't do 40 mins of exercise 1 day and take the next day off. You can't save your meal off for the next week and have 2 meals off in 1 day. Use it or lose it basically!

BananaSo keep in mind these are the basic rules. For better understanding please get a copy of the book and let's work together to be happier and healthier!

Here is a recipe for a quick no cook meal:

  • 2 low-fat cheese sticks (string cheese)
  • 6-8 raw cashews
  • An apple and a plum OR 1 banana
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The Fine Print

Yoga would be great exercise for thisSo the game will start on Wednesday, October 13, 2010. Please get in touch with me by October 11th to let me know if you are playing and who is on your team.

Checks for your share of the pot can be made out to Raspberry Moon and sent to 1211D Laurens Rd, Greenville, SC 29607. To play the game you must have your check or cash to me by Wednesday, October 13! I don't want to chase you down!

In the book you will have ideas for exercise, meals and habits. I really do think it is worth the read.

Hopefully Tina and I will be playing on a team. She's reading the book right now. I hope she participates, because she is not allowed to bring me any yummy cakes or ice cream or nada for 4 weeks! Except my day off I can have a little!

So GAME ON! I hope you will play with us!

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Here, There, and Back Again

If for any reason you are unable to make your appointment please call me 24 hours in advance so I may offer another client your time. Take a minute to add me to your phone - 864-271-2710, then I will always be at your fingertips!

I will be out of the office:

October 18-20 - At the beach, I hope!


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