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June Newsletter
In This Issue:
:: Facial of the Month - Man of the Hour
:: Product of the Month - Guy Gear! The Ultimate in Male Skincare Products
:: Question of the Day: Shaving: What's the best way to go about it?
:: Pamper Yourself at Home - Scalp Massage
:: Save Your Products From The Heat
:: Raspberry Moon Gift Certificates - A Great Gift Idea!
:: Here, There, and Back Again
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Well, men - June is all about you! Father's Day is Sunday, June 15th - be sure to put Raspberry Moon on your wish list. Just a reminder to anyone shopping for Dad: I will be out of the office from June 12-16, but you can always purchase gift certificates online if you're a procrastinator.

Even if you are not a Dad yet, you can still take advantage of this month's specials. Using proper skincare, including correct shaving techniques, can make all the difference in creating and maintaining a youthful appearance.

For the ladies out there: The skincare class on June 1st has been postponed until August. We'll have information about the new date and details in the next newsletter.

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Get a facial for Father's Day!Facial of the Month - Man of the Hour

Help Dad look his very best with a good facial cleanse.

His service will help him relax and maintain a youthful, healthy appearance. His service will consist of a facial cleansing, exfoliation with steam towels, upper chest, back, hand and foot massage, extractions if needed, and ending with a treatment mask.......$60

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Product of the Month - Guy Gear! The Ultimate in Male Skincare Products

Through the month of June, save 15% off 1-3 products and 25% off 4 or more!

Guy Gear Fact Art Glide Shave Emulsion - 8.45 oz. - $18
Guy Gear Face ArtFace Art is a transparent shave emulsion that offers 3 benefits in 1; pre-shave, post-shave and an effective glide for your blade during your shave. Those who favor electric shaving will benefit from the soothing benefits of Face Art applied to the face after the shave.

  • A sleek, translucent protective shave that lets you perform the most intricate maneuvers. Lets you shave real close.
  • Natural extracts at effective levels achieve a desensitizing, close shave that eliminates irritation and possible bumps. Reduces the act of endless passes of the blade on your mug. Change blade often.
  • Be free! of razor burn and nasty, tight, flaky skin! Cleanse first with TRI WASH - a low-lathering, non-stripping toning cleanser - apply Face Art and shave with the grain of your beard. Rinse and moisturize. No sticky residue, no burned out skin.

Eye Thing - .5 oz. - $28
Eye Thing is firming, anti-inflammatory and very soothing to the eye area. Long days, nights, late hours? Too much fun? Not enough sleep? Just plain tired-looking eyes? All of these factors can cause bags to swell, eyes to puff and fine lines to appear. Eye Thing works with the anti-inflammatory benefits found in the extracts of Bromelaine and Turmeric and a bit of Caffeine to help firm, tighten and de-puff the eye area. Orange extract tones the eye area and helps diminish wrinkles.

Guy Gear Gush - 2.5 fl. oz. Protective Face Moisturizer - $26
Gush Face Moisturizer is made to protect your skin from premature "lines of distinction" and help prevent future or further damage to ANY skin type, at any time!

  • Our formula has tiny molecules and soaks right in to the skin.
  • Mix with Shield in the morning and with Restore at nighttime and alone at those times when neither extra protection nor regeneration is needed.
  • Free of controversial ingredients, color and fragrance. An intricately balanced formula free of propylene glycol, and other petroleum chemicals, featuring an all natural preservative system.
  • No topical residue, non-comodegenic.
  • Helps your skin's own natural self-maintenance mechanism be more effective by responding with a healthy, well maintained exterior.

Guy Gear Shield SPF 20 - 4oz. $22
Guy Gear ShieldShield has been formulated specifically for men in a light, non-greasy formula for all over protection, strongly needed when outdoors to protect arms, face and scalp, hair or no hair. Shield delivers protection against sun damage and harm from ozone depletion with a natural good-for-your-skin formula containing, among other ingredients, an active level of Cranberry Oil which is high in Omega fatty acids, to nourish and protect the skin. Shield also contains a 100% natural preservative derived from eight natural essential oils, no petroleum chemicals here!

  • Formulated to be utilized in conjunction with GUSH Moisturizer.
  • Helps close pores after shaving.
  • Non-greasy and not sticky.
  • Can be sprayed freely throughout the day to lightly moisturize and replenish the "shield" against the damaging sun rays (every 3-4 hours), or after activity that produces perspiration.

Tri-Wash Face, Hair and Body Cleanser - 8.45 oz. - $18
Hey men, wash up! A man's life is hectic, washing his face, hair and body shouldn't be. Tri-Wash offers certified organic ingredients, no sulfates, no colors nor fragrance with three key benefits: it cleanses not only your hair (shampoo), and face (facial cleanser) in one single swoop, but also your body and that includes body hair (body wash).

  • Lightly conditions like no other, with no flat locks and won't strip hair color.
  • Natural preservatives and good for your skin ingredients. Clean, simple and straightforward.
  • Cleanses without stripping (yes, really) with essential extracts to avoid dry, taught, flaky skin.
  • Prepares the skin for an excellent shave (Face Art) and moisturization (Gush Moisturizer).

Wash and go! Go shave, go to sleep, go party, whatever that may be!

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Question of the day - Shaving: what's the best way to go about it?

1. Shaving should be performed once your beard area has been in contact with warm water and the face is thoroughly cleansed. The warm humidity will open up your pores and soften your skin, you also rid of the skin of any surface impurities. Make sure the water is warm, never hot, the latter may cause flare ups on your skin. When the whiskers are wet, What's the best way to shave?just like hair, they plump up and become weaker, less resistance to the blade (just as in, don't brush or comb your hair when wet, it snaps!)

2. NEVER shave in the shower. The constant humidity will lift off shaving product, therefore not adhering to the whisker. Apply a quality shave product to your face. A pre-shaving product is only needed if the shaving product itself is inferior. Too much gunk will actually make the whisker lay down, not stay standing straight up, as it should be for a good shave. Guy Gear Face Art is recommended for many reasons: Provides the right lubrication that your face needs PRE, During and POST shave. Promotes a smooth glide of the blade on the skin; locks in moisture keeping the whiskers soft and holding them upright. After shaving, Face Art lightly moisturizes and tones the skin. Leave Face Art on your skin for at least 30 seconds before applying the blade to the skin.

Then, 3. Using a sharp, clean razor, shave in direction that the beard grows (aka, shaving with the grain). Position the blade at about a 90% angle to the skin, 45% if using a safety razor. Assist your skin by lightly pressing into your skin near the beard area you will be shaving, prior to sliding the razor across your face with your other hand.

4. Rinse with warm water and then cold water to close the pores. This helps your skin to recover. Again, if you are using a superior skin shaving product, a post shave product is not needed. The latter is just another step that is not necessary.

5. What next? Moisturize and if going outdoors, apply sun protection, and if you're out for an extended period of time, take your sun protection with you. A good skin care regimen is just that: Good for you with easy-on "application."

Compliments of Issimo International, producers of Guy Gear.

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Pamper Yourself - Scalp Massage

Help Dad chill out and relax with a scalp massage right before he goes to bed Give dad a soothing scalp massageand he will have a more restful sleep.

Mix together the following:

  • 4 drops Chamomile (Roman)
  • 3 drops Tangerine
  • 3 drops Lavender
  • 2 teaspoons carrier oil

Rub into scalp and relax!

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Save Your Products From The Heat!

Just a Reminder - Summer is almost here and the heat in your car is drastically rising. DO NOT leave your skincare, hair care, or make-up products in the car. The heat will melt your products, break them down and they can potentially leak or explode. You pay too much money to have your items damaged in a hot car. (Not to mention you pay too much for your car to have to clean exploded products out of it!)

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Raspberry Moon Gift Certificates - A Great Gift Idea!

Remember you can now purchase gift certificates on line at www.RaspberryMoonST.com. Go to the store and then click on gift certificates.

Gift Certificates make a great gift for Dad. This Father's Day show him how much you care by giving him an hour of de-stressing treatment!

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Here, There, and Back Again

If for any reason you are unable to make your appointment please call me 24 hours in advance so I may offer another client your time. Take a minute to add me to your phone - 864-271-2710, then I will always be at your fingertips!

I will be out of the office:

June 12 - 15 - My Aunt's Wedding in PA
June 21 - 25 - Beach Trip (I know, but who can pass up a free trip to the beach!)