Honey Inside and Out

Honey has many advantages both topically and internally. Find out how it’s made, how it’s used both in skincare and cooking, local places to buy it and more.

Alcohol in Skincare? For Shame…….or no?

A few weekends ago at the Skin Script Empowerment Retreat, we got to hear from the John Stanek, the formulator behind Lisa’s magic and probably one of the fastest speakers I have ever heard! One of the topics he spoke about was alcohol in skincare, specifically in the Skin Script line and why it is used.

WTH Do All These Words Mean I Can’t Pronounce!

Have you ever looked at an ingredient label and thought WTH does all this mean?And then some companies advertise the whole “If you can’t pronounce it, then it is bad for you!” Well, that’s not exactly true.Here are some large words you may find on your skincare bottles and what they actually refer to.

Peptides in Skincare

So what the heck are peptides and why do I care? Read on for the purpose of peptides and a list of common peptides and their benefits.

Featured at the Moon: Intensive Therapy Rubber Masks

These are the bomb and the perfect Glamorous Extra to an Over the Moon Facial! I have about 6 different ones, sometimes more. I will pick the best mask for your skin when you come in for your treatment.

Razor Burn and Ingrown Hairs – WTH(eck) do I do now!?

We all know first hand those irritating red bumps that show up after a rough shave, or the ingrown hairs that swell and get infected. Dave Waggner is the Educator Guru at Skin Script and here are his words of wisdom about preventing razor burn and ingrown hairs.

Treat Your Kid’s Stanky Feet

Kids’ stanky feet about knock you out?¬†Those nasty feet that about take your breath away come from sweat, bacteria and fungus! We’ve got some tips to help you tame the stink.

It’s All About Those Feet, No Fungus!

L.R. and I met Dr. Canuso at the tradeshow in October. She is super nice and L.R. thought we should bring Dr. Canuso’s line of foot care into the shop. I was pretty shocked by this as she had said “oooohh gross” when we had walked by the booth earlier that day. But her tuned changed after we took the class, “The Science of Beautiful Feet” taught by Dr. Canuso.

A Day at Raspberry Moon Through the Eyes of My Niece

I am a terrible Auntie! My niece came to work with me in DECEMBER and wrote this lovely blog post and I am just now getting around to posting it. She had a great time and I had a lots of help all day which was awesome! Here are her thoughts about the day…

Honey in Your at Home Facial Routine

Add a little Sweetness to your at Home Facial Treatment by using honey. Great ideas for healthy skin with masks you can make with honey and other goodies from your kitchen.


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