Are Red Lips Really that Powerful?

“From murder, to prostitution, to witchcraft accusations, the history of red lipstick has a sexy past that’s 5,000 years deep.” Red lipstick was been used over the centuries to enhance women’s (and sometimes men’s lips). It has been seen as a sign of status, a sign of rebellion, a sign of hope, as having magical powers or as a sign of Satan’s work. At one time men could even get their marriage annulled if they were “tricked” by the bride wearing lipstick! Really guys?

World Snake Day

July 16th is World Snake Day so I thought I would ask my friend Shannon to spread a little snake 411 and love. She is my go to on all things snake.

Bright Pink and Delicious – Aloha from Maui Series

Mondays adventure in Lahaina was to the Maui Dragon Fruit Farm, which is the largest one here on Maui! Mom was on the fence about going because she says dragon fruit doesn’t have much flavor and I would’ve had to agree. The only times I have had it there wasn’t much flavor but I think they […]

Maui Pineapple – So Delicious!

Our first tour here in Maui was at the Maui Pineapple Company and Distillery! I would highly recommend this tour. Mom and I had a great time. The last time I had fresh pineapple was in Okinawa in 2002. After the tour you get a FREE pineapple per person so we have been eating a lot of fresh pineapple. Nothing compares to fresh pineapple or fresh fruits and veggies in general.

A Day at Raspberry Moon Through the Eyes of My Niece

I am a terrible Auntie! My niece came to work with me in DECEMBER and wrote this lovely blog post and I am just now getting around to posting it. She had a great time and I had a lots of help all day which was awesome! Here are her thoughts about the day…

The Power & History of Eucalyptus!

I was reading an article in September 2016 DaySpa issue called “Eucalyptus, Lift Us!” There were all sorts of interesting bits of info that I thought I would share with you.

Ear Cleaning at the Dinner Table in China

This fall I had an amazing opportunity to go to China, Tibet and India for 6 weeks. I am going to finally be writing a few posts on my experiences! The first full evening in China we went to Sichuan Opera and Dinner. This was interesting enough all on it’s own let alone when you add ear cleaning at the dinner table to your experience!

New EO Tips I Learned From Cynthia Loving

Let’s start with some interesting facts:

It takes about 60,000 roses to produce just 1 ounce of oil, and ten thousand pounds of rose blossoms to produce 1 pound of oil. That is a lot of roses!

It takes 3 million Jasmine flowers picked by hand or 10lbs of flowers to make 1 lb of oil.

Chinese Tea Tasting in San Francisco

Mom and I were in San Francisco the beginning of August and while we were in Chinatown we decided to do a Chinese Tea Tasting at Vital Tea Leaf. They have locations in San Francisco and Seattle. I believe they are getting ready to open up one in Las Vegas. They have over 200 different teas available.

Raspberry Moon inspires a book scene!

One of my clients, Lucy Lit (yeah, it’s a pen name), has written a book that features a waxing scene based on Raspberry Moon and a character loosely inspired by moi!
It’s a contemporary erotic romance/mystery titled 42 Rue de Jardin (A Sultry Savannah Novel) and is available at multiple online retailers. Check it out and see if you notice the resemblance!


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