Aloha from Maui

Sunrise in Maui

Mom and me at scenic lookout on the way to Kihei from Lahaina

Mom and me at scenic lookout on the way to Kihei from Lahaina

Mom and I are not doing your typical things in Maui. Neither of us lay out on the beach and she is not real big on hiking or bathing suits, but we are having an awesome time just relaxing  and listening to the waves. Except for one day, I’ve watched the sunrise every morning. I listen to the waves, drink my tea, walk on the beach, have breakfast, and do some work. I have my little birdies that come hang out with me in the morning. One is a little pistol. She is always trying to come in the house and check it out.

I am usually the one that is up and running early in the morning. Right now it is 9 am, Mom is still sleeping and I have been awake since 530 am. This morning was the first time I actually had people up as early as I was. Mostly I don’t hear people until around 8 or 9.

There is something soothing and calming about these waves. I really could just sit here all day, which we did a good portion of the weekend — just not like me at all! Of course I go swim and float a little in the ocean but for me it is kind of boring to just go hang out in the water by myself for too long.

Maui Sunset

Everyone has been very friendly and helpful. No crazy drivers on the road here in Maui really. Maui is a much different feel than Oahu and we will see when we go back and stay outside of the noisy Waikiki area if I have a different take. We all know I am not the most approachable person nor the most relaxed but I feel myself being more calm here. It is weird, I am not a big beach person. I love walking on the beach but I don’t enjoy laying out on the beach all day. I have only been snorkeling one time in Okinawa and stressed myself out while doing it, though I would like to do it again. But I LOVE listening to the waves and just looking out seeing nothing but blue water and large fluffy clouds. You can see the islands of Molokia and Lania right from the condo.

beautiful sunrise and the sound of relaxing waves in Maui

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I love that I don’t get eaten up by bugs here. There are mosquitoes here but in the area where we are right now I have had no problems. Hopefully it stays that way. Hawaii has no snakes to speak of and very few poisonous insects. Coming from the South with fire ants, spiders, snakes and all sorts of critters, it’s nice to not have to worry about them.

Today is my last sunrise in Lahaina, different look this morning with the clouds and being a little overcast but still beautiful and soothing. With all the rain last night my little friends are out having a smorgasbord for breakfast. It will be interesting to see if my zen holds out on a different environment as we had to the mountains in Makaowa. Our next few days are going to be crazy busy before we had back to Oahu on Saturday.



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