What Our Clients Say

Raspberry Moon offers great products and services, but don’t just take our word for it! Read what some of our clients say about our offerings.

I just wanted to say … Holy amazing skin!!  I can’t wait for my last peel in the series tomorrow!  As I know you have seen, my skin is SO much clearer.  Prior to doing the series, I had some sort of blemish all the time, usually more than one, for years … No more!  Now I rarely have even one!  YIPPIE!!  And the texture is so smooth!  When I use my oil cleanser (one of “My favorite things” though I’m no Oprah) I spend even more time because it feels so smooth to massage in!  You have me hooked, and we will be doing this whole series again someday!!  Much love from me, and my skin! -Chemical Peel Series

I did a Peel Series (6) at Raspberry Moon.  I did not know what to expect, but, am thrilled with the results.  I saw improvement in my skin’s appearance after every peel…pores are smaller and unclogged, my skin tone is even with no red areas, and I positively Glow!  I cannot believe the difference and I will definitely continue with peels.  Nicole is the best in town in my book and she will be in yours, too, so book a peel series now! -Chemical Peel Series

I love your facial series! The best thing I do for myself is make the time to be pampered with your facials.  Each one is a peaceful, relaxing experience and I am always counting the days until my next appointment.  Thank you Nicole. -Facial Series

Wow such a great, informative, easy-to-read email letter! Thanks so much Nicole- I sent this on to my in-laws as a gentle “nudge” in a healthy direction. Keep up the great work! –Facials, Newsletter

Nicole is wonderful! I have been a client for about 7+ years and continue to be impressed with every visit. Nicole evaluates and examines my skin, asks questions, and then determines the appropriate treatment products for that particular visit. Nicole is professional in every way, but also very friendly and warm. She wants your time and experience with her to be one of pampering, so don’t feel badly if she doesn’t talk all the time and gives you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the moment. My time with Nicole is always wonderful and I have complete trust in her with each visit that she knows what’s best for my skin at that time. –Facials, Waxing, Back Bliss

I tell my friends that your facials are uber relaxing and thorough. Love them! -Facials

Nicole is truly a Goddess when it comes to skincare. Her expert combination of touch, scent, relaxation and knowledge made me feel refreshed and beautiful. I highly recommend Raspberry Moon and I can’t wait for my next visit! -Facials

This was definitely the least painful wax I’ve ever had – from my past experience, I need 1-2 days for the pain and redness to calm before I can “be seen” – you’re a true gem, girl and I’m glad you’re my “go to” for all things beauty.  – Facial and Waxing

Each time I go in for my visits, Nicole checks my skin completely, we discuss any problems and she decides which facial I need. The results are SPECTACULAR!!!!! I have finally found the lady to take care of me. -Facials

Everyone should have a facial, the world would be a lot more relaxing place! -Man of the Hour

My facial with Nicole was the best spa facial I have received since I left New York City and moved to Greenville. I frequently visited the spas in the big city. Nicole’s services are excellent and in line with the best European style salons.  The facial is gentle, relaxing, refreshing, and beneficial for all kinds of skin problems. The masks she uses are a dream and when I was done she touched up my makeup so I did not go out bare faced. What a beautiful treat! -Facials

That was fabulous! You have hands like an angel. -Facials

Nicole was highly recommended to me and she exceeded expectations; very professional and a wonderful young woman.  The hair removal from my back was not as painful as I thought and there were no complications that sometimes happen with less experienced services. I don’t think you can do better than Nicole anywhere, so go for it! -Manscaping

Just wanted to say thanks for taking care of us and our brows! Both girls were very happy with their new styles and it does make a difference with confidence, so thank you. -Waxing

There are not enough wonderful words to describe a facial by Nicole. Wonderful, relaxing, soothing, just start the list. She even stopped a major migraine that had been a problem all day. -Facials

Nicole, Thank you for your help and professionalism. This is new territory for me, but you made me feel comfortable. I think the primer really helps, at least I feel better about my appearance. –colorescience

I am buying this book for everyone for Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration. :) -Newsletter reader

How wonderful to get to take such a fantastic trip! And cool that you let your customers know so personally. It makes me feel like we’re good friends. :D -Facial Client, Newsletter reader

Great newsletter! I always enjoy hearing about what you are doing or learning. I checked out the Blue Zones website and did the test as well. I found the information helpful and bookmarked the webpage for later. -Newsletter reader

Mom, that half moon facial was amazing. It was like a spiritual experience. -Teen Facial

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate what you do.  Your service is excellent and you always treat me well. -Waxing Service


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