A Day at Raspberry Moon Through the Eyes of My Niece

I am a terrible Auntie! My niece came to work with me in DECEMBER and wrote this lovely blog post and I am just now getting around to posting it. She wanted to see what business women do, we didn’t traumatize her with any waxing appointments but she did observe some facial treatments. She had a great time and I had a lots of help all day which was awesome! My Mom said they came to check on her and they were informed “Aunt Nikki is with clients and I am not leaving” LOL So below is what my niece thinks of her day with me.

My Visit to Raspberry Moon – By L.R. Martin (Nicole’s niece)

My NieceSo today I came here with my Aunt Nicole, and I learned a few things. I learned about wax and what it does, a micro current, LED light, business, and much more.

There is this yellow stuff and it kind of looks like honey. It is actually wax. Once you apply to the skin you rip it off a few seconds later and the hair is removed. If you wax enough, you don’t have to do it as much in those areas after a period of time. (She has been corrected that we don’t say ripped! We say removed!)

What a micro current does is it is supposed to bring the skin up to make you look younger. As you get older, the skin on your face goes down. So this machine brings the skin up to make you look somewhat younger.

There are three settings on a LED light; Red makes you look younger, blue kills bacteria that causes acne, and infra-red heals. The LED light is SUPER bright! You can’t just look at it without special goggles or something to protect your eyes.

I heard a lot of words that I am not sure what they mean. Peptide is an amino acid that our body already has so when you apply it to the skin, our body already recognizes it. Here you do not use the term “burning” but you use “tingling” because it does not sound as harsh. When she does face masks, she does not use cucumbers because they rot fast. You should put crème on irritated skin because it helps it. I still don’t really know what tapotement or effleurage is but I am sure I will know soon. (She now knows what this means.)

If you want to eat or have a break, you normally just have to have an extra minute or two. At around ten or eleven, she was still eating breakfast because she was a little busy.

My aunt Nicole taught me so many wonderful things today and I am very happy that she let me come along with her. I hope I can do this again some time soon!!!


I hope she can come hang out with me again soon too! She was a big help.



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