10 Steps to Performing the Best at Home Facial Treatment

Want to give yourself a nice glow? Here are the equipment and steps you need to do a fabulous at home facial treatment.

Items you will need:

  • Skincare Items – Cleanser, Toner, Exfoliator, Serum, Eye Cream, MoisturizerTowels
  • Mask that best suits your skincare type
  • 1  Headband or clip
  • 2 Hand Towels
  • 1 Sonic Brush/Manual Facial Brush
  • 2-3 Cotton Rounds
  • 1 Wash Cloth, Facial Sponge, Face Puff (not the scratchy kind)
  • 3-4 Small bowls
  • 1 Fan Brush
  • 2-4 River Rocks
  • Herbal Tea or maybe a glass of wine

The steps for a fabulous at home facial:

  • Soak your towels in warm water (you can add 1 drop of Lavender Essential Oil to the water if you like), wring out and place in the microwave to heat up, about 3 mins. Place in a closed container to keep hot.Use Saucy Chica Skincare for a fabulous at home facial
  • Place your river rocks in a bowl and add a few ice cubes, some cold water and set to the side for later.
  • Put on your headband or hair clip then cleanse your skin from the neck to the forehead – work your cleanser in a circular motion.
  • If you have a facial brush or sonic brush use this now – you may need to add more cleanser or some water.
  • Use an exfoliator to slough off dead skin cells OR if you have sensitive skin you can use honey.
  • If adding honey, simply add a little honey to a glass bowl and melt the honey just a little so it spreads easier. Also, it’s best to use a facial brush (art brush) to paint on the honey and later your facial mask.
  • If your skin is sensitive you will want to make sure your towels are cool otherwise you can add steam towels. Just leave them on for a few mins, breath and relax. As you take the towels off, simply wipe off your exfoliator OR remove with your sponges.
  • Choose your face mask; mix and apply with a facial brush or your fingers and rest for about 15 mins.

OPTIONIf you want an added bonus, you can use the ice cold stones to massage around the eyes. Add your eye cream and use the stones to massage the cream into the skin; APPLY YOUR FACE MASK; then dip 2 cotton eye pads soaked in the ice water, wring them out and place on your eyes to help with dark circles and make your eyes feel lighter. Add a river stone to each eye.

  • Remove the mask with your sponges.
  • Swipe/Spray with your Toner.
  • Apply your eye cream, serum(s) and moisturizer – be sure to work all items in upward sweeping motions and circular, adding some tapping movements is a plus as well.

Seem like too much work? Just call me at 864.271.2710 or contact me to schedule your Facial Experience today!


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