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Healing the Past, Living the Present and Dreaming the Future Events

Heal the Past, Live the Present, Dream the FutureWe are excited to announce our Healing the Past, Living the Present and Dreaming the Future series of Healing and Growth with Greenville Yoga. We teamed up together last year to bring you a month of healing through forgiveness. We hope you will join us when you can for our events. These events are open to everyone and we encourage you and would love for you to share these events with your friends and family. Read all the details here.

Fall Chemical Peel Special – Celluma Anti-aging Treatments and a Saucy Chica Discount with Peel Series

Get glowing skin with our series of chemical peelsNow that the worst of summer heat and sun have passed, we can get ready for fall and the holidays with some fresh new skin! To help that along, we’re offering some goodies with our Chemical Peel series.

The series of peels regularly runs $480. Prepay in the month of September for your whole series (to be finished in roughly 12 weeks) and save $80!

PLUS you will receive a free 20 minute Celluma LED Anti-Aging Light Treatment with each peel. (A $120 value)

AND you can purchase any Saucy Chica Skincare products for 50% off during your peel series.

Mostly we will be using Glycolic or Salicylic Peels, which type will depend on your skin and what you need. The peels will help with hyper-pigmentation, lines, hydration and overall health of your skin. The series of 6 peels will be done every 2 weeks for 12 weeks. This is the best time interval to do the peels.

Our peels are pretty “tingly.” Proper care of the skin is necessary – you will receive a travel size skincare with 1 oz cleanser and toner, 1/4 ounce serum and moisturizer. You will need these products for proper home care use. These will not get you through the whole peel series so take advantage of the 50% off Saucy Chica Skincare products during your peel series.

So how do you snatch up this fabulous offer?

You can purchase the series online and then call today to schedule your series so you can lock in the best times for your schedule. This offer is only available until the end of September!

What is the Celluma Light Treatment?

Celluma LED TherapyThe Celluma™ is a phototherapy device that is FDA Approved and based on NASA technology.  The Celluma™ uses specific wavelengths of light, produced by light emitting diodes (LEDs), to help you achieve better skin or relieve sore muscles:

  •  Red light – promotes collagen and elastin production
  •  Blue light – helps reduce appearance of mild to moderate acne
  •  Infrared light – help alleviate pain from arthritis, muscle spasms, muscle and joint pain, muscle tissue tension, and diminished circulation

Call today to book your appointments to get the best times for you. Purchase the series online before the end of September to get your Celluma treatments and Saucy Chica discount too!

Here is what a peel client from last year had to say:

“I just wanted to say … Holy amazing skin!!  I can’t wait for my last peel in the series tomorrow!  As I know you have seen, my skin is SO much clearer.  Prior to doing the series, I had some sort of blemish all the time, usually more than one, for years … No more!  Now I rarely have even one!  YIPPIE!!  And the texture is so smooth!  When I use my oil cleanser (one of “My favorite things” though I’m no Oprah) I spend even more time because it feels so smooth to massage in!  You have me hooked, and we will be doing this whole series again someday!!  Much love from me, and my skin!” -Chemical Peel Series

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Survivors Finding Voice Lecture and Art Showing on October 12th

As part of our Healing the Past, Living the Present and Dreaming the Future Events, we present Survivors Finding Voice Lecture and Art Showing with Wanda Meade at Augusta Road Location of Greenville Yoga on October 12 from 4 to 6 pm.…
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